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P-Band P band
P-Protokoll P protocols
P-Router provider router
P/F-Bit poll/final bit
P/Y-Code precision encrypted code
P2030 IEEE P2030
PA-Anlage public address
Package package
Package-Abkürzungen package abbreviations
Packaging packaging
Packet-Radio packet radio
Packet-Writing packet writing
PacketCable PacketCable
PACS-Netz personal access communications system
PACS-System picture archiving and communication system
Pad pad
PAD-Zeichen PAD characters
Padding padding length
Page-Authority page authority
Page-Impression page view
Pagejacking pagejacking
PageRank page rank
PageRank Drain pagerank drain
Paging paging
Pairing pairing
Paketfehlerrate frame error rate
Paketfilter packet filter
Paketfunknetz packet radio network
Paketierer/Depaketierer packet assembler/disassembler
Paketsteuerungseinheit packet control unit
Paketverlust packet loss
Paketverlustrate packet loss rate
Paketvermittelte Sprache packetized voice
Paketvermitteltes Datennetz packet switched data network
Paketvermittlung packet switching
PAL-Fernsehstandard phase alternation line
PAL-Logik programmable array logic
PALC-Display plasma addressed liquid crystal
Palladium palladium
Palladium-Nickel palladium nickel
Palm-Betriebssystem Palm operating system
Palmtop palmtop
PAM5-Verfahren PAM5 method
PAM5x5-Verfahren PAM5x5 method
PAN-Koordinator PAN coordinator
Pan-und-Scan pan and scan
Panda-Wegener-Verfahren Panda-Wegener
Panel-Antenne panel antenna
PAP-Protokoll password authentication protocol
Papierbatterie paper battery
PAR4 Power Assure rating
Parabolantenne parabolic antenna
Parallaxenfehler parallax error
Parallel-Schnittstelle parallel interface
Parallel-Übertragung parallel transmission
Parallele Kamera-Schnittstelle camera parallel interface
Parallele Netzwerkarchitektur parallel network architecture
Paralleler Ein-/Ausgang parallel input/output
Parallelität parallelity
Parallelrechner parallel computer
Parallelumsetzer parallel converter
Parameter parameter
Parametric-Auction parametric auction
Parametrischer optischer Verstärker optical parametric amplifier
Parametrischer Verstärker parametric amplifier
Paravirtualisierung para virtualization
Paritätsbit parity bit
Paritätsprüfung parity check
Parkassistent park assist
Parser parser
Part-of-Speech part of speech
Partialschwingung partial oscillation
Partition partition
Pascal Pascal
Passiv-Infrarot-Bewegungsmelder passive infrared
Passivbox passive loudspeaker box
Passive Intermodulation passive intermodulation
Passiver Tag passive tag
Passives optisches Breitbandnetzwerk broadband passive optical network
Passives optisches Netz passive optical network
Passivmatrix passive matrix
Passphrase pass phrase
Passpoint passpoint
Passwort password
Passwortverfahren password method
Patchantenne patch antenna
Patchkabel patch cable
Patchpanel patch panel
Path-Vector-Protokoll path vector protocol
Patientenfernüberwachung remote patient monitoring
Pausenzeichen idle
Pay-per-Action pay per action
Pay-per-Channel pay per channel
Pay-per-Click pay per click
Pay-per-Use pay per use
Pay-per-View pay per view
Pay-Radio pay radio
Paybox paybox
Payload-Länge payload length
Payment-Gateway payment gateway
PayPal PayPal
Paypass paypass
Paywall paywall
Paywave paywave
PBGA-Package plastic BGA
PBM-Dateiformat portable bit map
PC-Bus PC bus
PC-Card PC card
PC-Card-Bus PC card bus
PC-Card-Phone PC card phone
PC-Host-Kopplung PC host connectivity
PC-MIP-Modul PCI, M-module, IP-module
PC-Netz PC network
PC/104-Modul PC/104 module
PC/SC-Schnittstelle personal computer smartcard
PC2-3200 PC3200
PC2-4200 PC4200
PC2-5300 PC5300
PC2-6400 PC6400
PC8-Code PC8 code
PCAP-Touchscreen projected capacitive
PCF-Faser plastic clad fiber
PCI-Bus peripheral component interconnect
PCI-DSS-Standard payment card industry data security standard
PCI-Express PCI express
PCI-X-Bus PCI extended
PCM-Technik PCM technology
PCMCIA-Vereinigung personal computer memory card international association
PCS-Faser polymer clad silica
PCT-Touchscreen projected capacitive touch
PDCA-Zyklus plan, do, check, adjust
PDCP-Protokoll packet data convergence protocol
PDD-Disc professional disc for data
PDF-Dateiformat portable document format
PDF417 PDF417 bar code
PDFA-Verstärker praseodymium doped fiber amplifier
PDH-Hierarchie plesiochronous digital hierarchy
PDIP-Package plastic dual inline package
PDP-Protokoll packet data protocol