Übersicht über gebräuchliche Abkürzungen die die Bauart und Bauform von analogen und digitalen Chips betrifft:

Antifuse Actel FPGAs

BCA, Bare Chip Attach

BCP, Bare Chip Processing

BCC, Bump Chip Carrier

BEM, Boundary Element Method

BGA, Ball Grid Array

BQFP, Bumpered Quad Flat Pack

BTAB, Bumped Tape Automated Bonding

C&P, Collect and Place

C&W, Chip and Wire

C4, Controlled Collapse Chip Connection

C5, Controlled Collapse Chip Connection on Ceramic

CARD, Card Memory

CBGA, Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CCGA, Ceramic Column Grid Array

CDIP, Ceramic Dual Inline Package

CDIP SB, Side-Braze Ceramic Dual Inline Package


CERPACK, Ceramic Package

CFP, Ceramic Flat Package

CGA, Column Grid Array

CLCC, Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier

CLLCC, Ceramic Lead-Less Chip Carrier

CLGA, Ceramic Land Grid Array

C0B, Chip on Board

CoC, Chip on Chip

CoF, Chip on Flex

COG, Chip on Glass

COL, Chip on Lead

COT, Chip on Tape

CPGA, Ceramic Pin Grid Array

CPLD, Complex Programmable Logic Device

CQFP, Ceramic Quad-Flat Package

CSMP, Chip-Sized MEMS Package

CSOP, Ceramic SOP

CSP, Chip Scale Package

CSSP, Chip-Sized SAW Package

CZIP, Ceramic Zig-Zag Package

DBGA, Dimpled Grid Array

DCA, Direct Chip Attach

DFN, Dual Flat no Lead

DFP, Dual Flat Package

DIMM, Dual Inline Memory Module

DIP, Dual Inline Package

DLA, Direct Lid Attach

DLCC, Dual Lead-Less Chip Carrier

DO, Diode Outline

DPAK, Discrete Package

DRMLF, Dual Row Micro Leadframe

DSSP, Die-Chip SAW Package,

EBGA, Enhanced Ball Grid Array

EPLD, Erasable PLD

ETQFP, Exposed Thin Quad Flat Package

FBGA, Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

FCBGA, Flip Chip Ball Grid Array

FC/CSP, Flip Chip / Chip Scale Package

FC- LGA, Flip Chip Land Grid Array

FC-PGA, Flip Chip Pin Grid Array

FC- QFN, Flip Chip Quad Flat No-Lead

FLFP, Flat Lead Frame Package

FLGA, Fine Land Grid Array

FLEX, Altera FPGAs

FCIP, Flip Chip in Package

FCOS, Flip Chip on Substrate

FP, Flat Package

FPFA, Fiels Programmable Function Array

FPGA, Field Programmable Logic Array

FQFP, Fine pitch QFP

HDA, High Density Array

HDI, High Density Interconnect

HLQFP, Thermally Enhanced Low Profile QFP

HQFP, Thermally Enhanced Quad Flat Package

HSOP, Thermally Enhanced Small-Outline Package

HSSOP, Thermally Enhanced Shrink Small-Outline Package

HTCC, High Temperature Cofired Ceramic

HTQFP, Thermally Enhanced Thin Quad Flat Pack

HTSSOP, Thermally Enhanced Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package

HVQFP, Thermally Enhanced Very Thin Quad Flat Package BR> ILB, Inner Lead Bonding

IPAKIntegrated Package

JLCC, J-Leaded Ceramic or Metal Chip Carrier

LBGA, Low Profile Ball Grid Array

LCA, Xilinx Logic Cell Array

LCC, Leaded Chip Carrier

LCCC, Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier

LDCCC, Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier

LFBGA, Low Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

LFCSP, Leadframe Chip Scale Package

LGA, Land Grid Array

LID, Leadless Inverted Device

LIF, Low Insertion Force

LLC, Leadless Chip Carrier

LLP, Leadless Leadframe Package

LPCC, Leadless Plastic Chip Carrier

LPCVD, Low Pressure CVD

LQFP, Low Profile Quad Flat Pack

LSI, Large Scale Integration

LTCC, Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic

MACH, AMD MACH family of CPLDs

MAX, Altera CPLDs

MC, Multilayer Ceramic

MCeP, Molded Core Embedded Package

MCM, Multi-Chip Module

MCP, Multi-Chip Package

MDIP, Molded Dual Inline Package

MELF, Metal Electrode Leadless Face

MID, Molded Interconnect Device

MLC, Multi Layer Ceramic

MLF, Micro Lead Frame

MLP, Micro Leadframe Package

MLPD, Micro Leadframe Package Dual

MLPM, Micro Leadframe Package Micro

MLPQ, Micro Leadframe Package Quad

MMC, Mobile Module Cartridge

MPS, Micro Packaging System

MQFP, Metal Quad Flat Package

MSI, Medium Scale Integration

MSOP, Micro Small-Outline Package

MSP, Mini Square Package

OBGA, Organic Ball Grid Array

ODFN, Optical Dual Flat No-Lead Plastic

OPGA, Organic Pin Grid Array

OPTO, Light Sensor Package

OTP, One Time Programmable

PAC, Pin Array Cartridge

PBGA, Plastic BGA

PGA, Pin Grid Array

PDIP, Plastic Dual-Inline Package

PFBGA, Plastic Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array

PFMP, Plastic Flange Mount Package

PLCC, Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

PLD, Programmable Logic Device

PoP, Package on Package

PPGA, Plastic Pin Grid Array

PQFN, Power Quad Flat No- lead

PQFP, Plastic Quad Flat Package

PSGA, Polymer Stud Grid Array

PSO, Plastic Small Outline

PSON, Plastic Small-Outline No Lead Package

PSOP, Power Small Outline Plastic

PSOP, Plastic Small Outline Plastic

PTP, Paper Thin Package

QCP, Quad Carrier Package

QFJ, Quad Flat J-lead

QFN, Quad Flat No-lead

QFP, Quad Flat Package

QIP, Quadruple In- line Package

QUIL, Quad in-Line

QUIP, Quad in-Line Package

QSOP, Quarter Size Outline Packe


SCP, Single Chip Packaging

SDIP, Shrink Dual-Inline Package

SEC, Single Edge Contact

SECC, Single Edge Contact Cartridge

SEPP, Single Edge Processor Package

SESUB, Semiconductor Embedded in Substrate

SHP, Surface Horizontal Package

SIL, Single Inline

SIMM, Single Inline Memory Module

SIP, Single-Inline Package

SiP, System in Package

SIPP, Single Inline Pinned Package

SLC, Surface Laminar Circuit

SMD, Surface Mounted Device

SO, Small Outline

SoC, System on Chip

SOD, Small Outline Diode Package

SODIMM Small Outline Dual-Inline Memory Module

SOIC, Small Outline Integrated Circuit

SOJ, J-Leaded Small-Outline Package

SOP, Small-Outline Package (Japan)

SOT, Small Outline Transistor

SPGA, Staggered Pin Grid Array

SQFP, Shrink Quad Flat Package

SSI, Small Scale Integration

SSOP, Shrink Small-Outline Package

TBGA, Thin Ball Grid Array

TCP, Tape Carrier Package, 320pin

TCSP, True Chip Size Package

TDFN, Thin Dual Flat No Lead

TDSP, True Die Size Package

TEP, Top Exposed Pad

TEPBGA, thermally enhanced plastic BGA

TFBGA, Thin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

TFP, Triple Flat Pack

TMLFP, Thin Micro Lead Frame Plastic

TO, Transistor Outline

TOS, Tape on Substrate

TQFN, Thin Quad Flat No Lead

TQFP, Thin Quad Flat Package

TSLP, Thin Small Leadless Package

TSOJ, Thin Small Outline J-leaded Package

TSOP, Thin Small-Outline Package

TSOP, Thin Small Outline Transistor

TSSLP, Thin Super Small Leadless Package

TSSOP, Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package

TVFLGA, Thin Very-Fine Land Grid Array

TVSOP, Very Thin Small-Outline Package

UCSP, Wafer Chip Scale Package

UFBGA, Ultra Fine BGA

UFP, Ultra Fine Pitch

ULSI, Ultra Large Scale Integration

URM, Universal Retention Module

UTDFN, Ultra Thin Dual Flat no Lead

VFBGA, Very-Thin Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array

VLSI, Very Large Scale Integration

VQFP, Very Thin Quad Flat Package

VSO, Very Small Outline

VSoC, Vision System on Chip

VSOP, Very Small Outline Package

WCSP, Wafer Chip Scale Package

WLCSP, Wafer Level Chip Scale Package

WLP, Wafer Level Package

WLCSP, Wafer-Level Chip Scale Package

WSON, Very Very Thin Small Outline No Lead Package

XDFN, Extreme Thin Dual Flat No Lead

ZIF, Zero Insertion Force

ZIP, Zig Zag In-Line Package

µPGA, Micro PGA

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