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Socket is a communication endpoint used to exchange data and messages. Sockets are managed by the respective operating system and can exchange data between programs both within a computer system and across networks

. In the area of client-server architectures, sockets are the standard means by which servers distribute any services to a large number of clients. Communication

isalways bidirectional

; for example, the client makes arequest for a website and receives an HTTP response

thatcontains status information as well as

theHTML document

.In the OSI model, sockets are located in the transport layer (layer 4), which is why they form the basis for the communication control layer

. A socket

isthe logical end point of a connection and is defined by the data structure, the port, the IP address and the transport protocol - TCP

protocol, UDP

protocol, IPX protocol. This information

isdefined in the Protocol

Control Block (PCB).A socket is the address combination of IP address and port number

withwhich a specific application on a specific computer can be addressed. The IP address is used to determine the network and the computer, and the port number is used to select the application.

Socket, the combination of IP address and port number

Socket, the combination of IP address and port number

Socket is a widely used LAN interface for applications in a network. Sockets are the basis for Berkeley's TCP/IP implementations. Even though the first implementation under Unix

originated at Bekeley, sockets are not dependent on the operating system. Well-known applications that use a socketinterface

are Telnet, HTTP, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Sun's Network File System (NFS).

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