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The term frame is used in different technologies. For example, in data communications for the data frame, in television and video technology for a full frame, and in multimedia technology in connection with page layout.

  1. In communication technology, a frame is a data packet of the link layer that contains the header and trailer information that the physical layer needs for transmission. Frames are therefore encapsulated data packets of the link layer. The term frame has become established primarily in the LAN area, but is also used synonymously for the data transmission frame in other network concepts.
    Basic structure of a data packet

    Basic structure of a data packet

    All frame formats consist of the header, which is the initial label, the user data and the trailer, the data record that terminates the frame. The header contains the Starting Delimiter( SD), which marks the beginning of the frame block, the Destination Address( DA), and the Source Address ( SA). Furthermore, the header contains various administrative and control information, identifiers, packet numbers, the data fields for the packet status and the protocol version, and various other data fields. The header is followed by the user data, the payload. The amount of data in the payload depends on the protocol and can also be varied, which means that the frame length can be varied within a minimum and maximum length. The payload data is pure information data without any control or protocol information. The user data is followed by the trailer, the data record that ends the frame. Trailers contain data fields for error detection and correction, checksum fields and flags as identification fields.
  2. In classic analog television and video technology, a frame is a full image. Due to the interlaced scanning method, a distinction is made between two successive fields, which are called fields and together form a frame.
  3. In multimedia technology, the pages of hypertext systems are called frames.
  4. On web pages, a frame is a rectangular section of a page. This frame is an HTML document that is displayed by the browser.
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