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In the context of, the term controller is used for intelligent control units that perform transport functions and other control functions in all network configurations. Inpersonalcomputers, interrupt cont rollers handle interrupt requests, memory controllers handle access to storage media, and other controllers handle keyboard input.

  1. In storage systems, a storage controller is the control unit of a storage unit: a hard disk, a tape drive, or a storage array. Such a storage controller decodes the control commands, executes the corresponding commands, and handles data transfer to the host as well as error detection and recovery.
  2. In storage subsystems, the controller handles control command transfer and routing, aggregation via mirroring or striping, error detection and performance optimization for multiple storage units.
  3. At work, a controller is a unit, device, circuit, or software for controlling peripheral systems. Such a controller may be a disk controller, a display controller, hard disk controller, or printer controller.
  4. In computers, a controller is a processor that supports the central processing unit( CPU) in certain areas, such as a cache controller, memory controller, IDE controller or a DMA controller.
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