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Buses are connection systems for electronic and electrical components. In terms of topology, a bus is always a physical medium to which the individual components are connected and which is terminated at both ends. Transmission on a bus can be byte-serial or byte-parallel, as with the PC bus, or bit-serial, as with networks in bus topology or with the field bus.

  1. Bus topology in networks is a serially operating bus over which the data is transmitted serially with a lot of additional information. The best known and most widely used network bus concept is Ethernet.
  2. The different bus technologies from processor bus to LAN

    The different bus technologies from processor bus to LAN

  3. Inautomation, production engineering and automotive technology, the so-called field buses connect field devices such as sensors, actuators, control devices and host computers with each other. Typical fieldbuses are Profibus, CAN bus, Interbus and MOST. The European Installation Bus( EIB) also belongs to the group of field buses.
  4. A PC bus is the interconnection system consisting of several parallel lines through which all computer components such as the central processing unit( CPU), the I/O controller, main memory, hard disks, etc. can communicate with each other.
    PC buses, interfaces and connectable peripherals

    PC buses, interfaces and connectable peripherals

    It is an interface for bit- parallel transmission of data between the microprocessor, memory, graphics cards, communication devices and interfaces forperipheral devices. Address lines, data lines, control lines and supply lines are routed via a bus. The width of the data bus is determined by the concept and the microprocessor used. Bus concepts used in personalcomputers (PCs) include the ISA bus, the PCI bus and the AGP bus, Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). There are two fundamentally different bus systems in personal computers: the system bus and the I/O bus.
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