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flip chip pin grid array (chip design) (FC-PGA)

The FC- PGA package(Flip Chip Pin Grid Array) is a flip chip where the dice is congruent with the bonding points directly bonded to the PCB without the need to make additional connections to the chip.

Overview: Pin Grid Array Packages

Overview: Pin Grid Array Packages

The FC-PGA design was introduced by Intel after the Pentium III processors were equipped with an integrated level 2 cache on the silicon layer. The technology is also used in the Celeron and Pentium 4.

FC-PGAs protect the sensitive microprocessors and simplify their installation and removal. The microprocessors are positioned on the side facing away from the motherboard. They can therefore be protected against excessive heating by a heat sink, which can be mounted on the side of the microprocessor. Microprocessors in FC-PGA technology can use the CPU sockets 370 and 478.

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