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Pentium Pro

The Pentium Pro, introduced in 1995, was the successor type of the Pentium. It was realized in 0.35 µm technology and consisted of 5.5 million transistors, which can be assigned to SLSI technology in terms of integration density.

The Pentium Pro has clock rates of 150 MHz and 200 MHz and achieves a computing power of 450 MIPS at 200 MHz. The physical address space is 64 GB, the virtual 64 TB. The internal data bus has a data word width of 32 bits, as do the registers.

The Pentium Pro has two 16 KB integrated Level 1 caches for data and instructions and, in addition, a Level 2 cache with 128 KB, 256 KB or 512 KB.

RISC architecture has also been implemented in this processor to accelerate instruction execution. As CPU socket, the Pentium Pro uses socket 8.

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