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clock (CLK)

In a computer, the clock or clock (CLK) is the system clock, also called the computer clock or CPU clock. The clock frequency of the system clock is derived from highly stable, from voltage and temperature stabilized oscillators or quartz oscillators.

The highly constant, sinusoidal signal from the oscillators is converted into a rectangular clock signal and used to control and synchronize processors, buses, plug-in cards and networks.

  1. Clock signals are used for synchronization. If processes have to be synchronized with each other, synchronization characters are transmitted along with the information. In data transmission, the synchronization characters are transmitted separately or obtained from the information content. This can be done with the most different codings.
  2. In computers, the clock pulse is used to synchronize operations. Clock signals are used, among other things, for the synchronization of the system bus, as well as for the control of the central processing unit (CPU), the front side bus( FSB), the memory modules and the arithmetic logic unit( ALU).
  3. In billing in telecommunications networks, the clock is also used. This is the smallest connection unit in seconds that is used for billing.
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