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car to infrastructure (C2I)

Car-to-Infrastructure-Communication (C2I) is a concept with which communication with infrastructural facilities of automotive technology is realized. This approach involves wireless communication between vehicles and infrastructure facilities such as radio beacons, traffic signs and traffic lights. This concept corresponds to Car to Roadside Communication( C2R) or Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication (V2I). The aforementioned concepts are grouped under Vehicle to Everything ( V2X).

The roadside or infrastructure components can be intelligent traffic signs, radio nodes, Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS), via which communication can be established with the Internet, infotainment platforms or the car manufacturer. Via the latter, diagnostic or emergency data can be transmitted directly to the manufacturer or to the workshop.

Communication concepts for connected cars

Communication concepts for connected cars

The structure of car-to-infrastructure communication is wireless and can be based on WLANs according to 802.11a, 802 .11b or 802.11g, but it can also be based on Bluetooth or, in the case of sensor networks, on ZigBee or even Dedicated Short Range Communication( DSRC). As far as in-vehicle infotainment( IVI) is concerned, Windows Mobile for Automotive lends itself as the operating platform, with infrastructure links to satellites for broadcasting, television and to the GPS system belonging to car-to-infrastructure communication.

The C2I scenario can take into account the various mobile communications systems, such as GSM, UMTS, HSPA, Long Term Evolution( LTE) or WiMAX, and receive or transmit data via them, and also integrate the terrestrial broadcasting systems with the traffic information or digital traffic broadcasting( TMC), as well as digital TV with terrestrial broadcasting, DVB-T, or for handhelds, DVB-H. Conceptually, communication can also take place via Roadside Units( RSU), which are positioned along the traffic routes and connected to each other via Access Routers( AR).

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