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Traffic in web terminology is the data traffic. It is the calls of a website with its home page and subordinate web pages.

The traffic corresponds to the data volume of the visitors. Essentially, it is the data that visitors leave behind when they visit a website and that they retrieve from the website. The total web traffic is thus determined by the number of visitors and the number of page impressions( PI), i.e. page views. The key figures for visitors, unique visitors, page impressions and hits are reported in the user statistics of web analytics and are important for agencies and advertising companies. They are crucial for the marketing opportunities of web advertising.

In addition to normal traffic, which is based with the interest of visitors, there is trash traffic; which means as much as "throw in the trash". This refers to traffic that does not bring any benefit to the website. Trash traffic can be caused by the incorrect use of keywords or by incorrect robots and links.

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