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An account is a customer account or user account for a network or service access. The account is defined by the administrator, who assigns access rights to the users. For this purpose, the user's identification and password are stored in the account and managed by the administrator.

To access the system, network or service, the user must enter his account data, which is then compared with the stored data. Specific rights and privileges can be assigned to the user via the account. These can relate to access to the company intranet, from access to a mailbox, running certain programs or modifying documents. As far as services are concerned, the account may refer to certain Internet services such as access to the World Wide Web(WWW), Internet telephony, web hosting, chatting or other web services.

For paid services, the account is also used for billing purposes. Costs are calculated on the basis of the duration of the connection and the downloaded data and files, using volume- or time-based pricing.

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