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in-vehicle infotainment (automotive) (IVI)

In-VehicleInfotainment(IVI) or In-Car Entertainment( ICE) is an infotainment offering that can be used in motor vehicles by the driver and passengers. Infotainment offerings are used for entertainment, information, communication and driver assistance.

As far as entertainment is concerned, in-vehicle infotainment offers radio and television in traditional and digital technology as DigitalAudio Broadcast( DAB), Digital Multimedia Broadcast( DMB), Digital TV and Digital Video Broadcast( DVB). The extensive range can be expanded with cassette recorders and CD and DVD players.

The information offering includes traffic information, weather news, an Internet connection and the news and information receivable via the previously mentioned media. Communication is aimed at individual communication between the driver and fellow passengers and is limited to mobile communication with cell phones and smartphones. As far as driver assistance is concerned, this involves messages via car-to-car communication( C2C) and car-to- infrastructure communication( C2I), with which the driver is informed in good time about obstructions, traffic jams and restrictions in traffic. In addition, the focus is on navigation via the GPS system.

The technical concepts for In-Vehicle Infotainment

In-vehicle infotainment is a technical concept consisting of an operating platform and a bus system that connects the various devices. As an operating platform, some car manufacturers use Windows Mobile for Automotive, others have platforms from Android or proprietary platforms.

Automotive buses such as the MOST bus, the D2B bus, HDBaseT, the Automotive Audio Bus( A2B) or Audio Video Bridging( AVB) provide the connection between the various infotainment sources. Automotive Ethernet is also suitable for in-vehicle infotainment because of its high data rate and low latency.

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