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universal mobile telecommunications system (mobile communications) (UMTS)

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a system for universal mobile communications standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute( ETSI) in 1998. This standard has replaced the earlier mobile communications via GSM, as applied in the D and E networks, with an expanded performance spectrum.

In the area of multimedia technology in particular, UMTS supports powerful multimedia services thanks to the high UMTS transmission rates. In addition to voice and audio services, these include fast data, graphics and text transmissionas well as the transmission of moving images and video. In line with the requirements, UMTS cell phones and smartphones are equipped with video cameras and color displays.

UMTS integrates the performance features ofline switching of GSM technology and data packet switching of General Packet Radio Service( GPRS), thus creating the best conditions for fast data transfer. In addition, UMTS contains specifications that support the transport of data based on the IP protocol, thus enabling UMTS to be used for radio-based Internet access.

Mobile communications technologies, their mobility and data rates

Mobile communications technologies, their mobility and data rates

In addition, the UMTS standard will also be used for in-house communications and as a standard for satellite communications, without which a worldwide network would be unfeasible. The supplementary use of satellite-based UMTS mobile communications systems is intended to realize global reachability for UMTS subscribers even without the existence of nationwide terrestrial UMTS systems.

The licenses for the UMTS frequencies

UMTS cell phone N80 from Nokia

UMTS cell phone N80 from Nokia

In 2000, licenses for the frequency bands were awarded in most European countries. In some countries, including Germany, this took the form of a public auction led by the regulatory authority. The licenses were awarded to Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile, Mannesmann Mobilfunk, Mobilcom, Group 3G, E-Plus and Viag Interkom.

The regulatory authority RegTP released the 015 number range for the telephone numbers. The following number blocks, each with 100 million eleven- digit numbers, were reserved for the licensees: (0)1505 Group 3G, (0)1511 T-Mobile, (0)1520 Vodafone and (0)1566 Mobilcom.

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