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multimedia (MM)

Multimedia is the simultaneous presentation of different media formats. As a term, multimedia is ambiguous: the literal translation "multiple media" leaves open which ones are meant. Building blocks for integration into multimedia documents include text, graphics, fixed images, digital photos, audio, video, animations, simulations, and interactions.

Text is one of the most important basic elements, as other media objects can be embedded in text. Graphics are an integral part of documents. However, the WYSIWYG principle, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), has also significantly changed the text part - through fonts of typographic quality. Fixed images and digital photos with color resolutions of over 10 million shades are standard in many graphics programs.

For audio and video documents, the time dimension plays an essential role. Video can be integrated into a multimedia document via a separate window. The different documents can be combined by animation, interaction and simulation to a multimedia composition for the learning or presentation area.

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