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text (TXT)

Text identifies the visually represented, alphanumeric characters of a message or a message. A text forms the represented form of the language. It is a coherent information or message, which can consist of the letters of an alphabet, digits, punctuation and special characters.

Texts are created by authors who implement the meaning of the information with letters. Editors support the input, modification and preparation of texts, which can be transmitted between communication partners by means of text communication and displayed on communication devices.

According to ISO definition, text is information for people, which is presented in two-dimensional form for better understanding. There are several file formats for text files. The simplest file format for unformatted text is plain text or flat file format. This format contains no structural elements and no markups and can be opened by any text program or text editor. The file extension is *.txt. Corresponding files consist of ASCII characters or Unicode and are often used as a basic format for word processing.

Text formats are computer-readable file formats whose texts can be captured by text recognition, converted from speech to text by text-to-speech or speech-to-text, and processed using word processing.

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