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roadside unit (traffic) (RSU)

The various strategic approaches to increasing traffic safety, traffic flow, communication between motor vehicles, car-to-car communication( C2C), or communication between motor vehicles and infrastructure components, car-to-roadside communication ( C2R) or car-to-infrastructure communication ( C2I), involve the communication of the vehicle with other communication participants or with the traffic infrastructure.

Car-to-X communication( C2X) involves the exchange of information about road conditions, traffic flow, congestion, potential hazards such as accidents, oncoming vehicles or stopped vehicles. In this context, roadside units (RSU) or roadside equipment( RSE) play a crucial role as they receive the information via car-to-infrastructure communication and forward it to the right road users.

Roadside Unit (RSU), photo:

Roadside Unit (RSU), photo:

Due to the high mobility of vehicles, they can only communicate to a limited extent via existing communication infrastructures such as mobile networks or WiMAX. A new communication infrastructure with Roadside Units (RSU) or Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS), which are installed along the traffic routes, makes sense.

Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment(WAVE) is a concept that works with roadside units (RSU). These are connected to each other and to the Internet or other networks via access routers( AR). In the car itself, the on- board unit( OBU) can communicate with the roadside units.

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