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vehicle to everything (V2X)

Vehicle to Everything (V2X)covers all technologies in which the vehicle communicates with other vehicles, with communication units at the roadside, with communication networks or with other road users.

Vehicle to Everything comprises various communication options and is used for driving assistance, to prevent impairment due to poor road conditions or accidents, and to increase safety by avoiding collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. The vehicle itself becomes an active source of information and provides data about the driving situation, traffic volume, ambient conditions and road conditions in real time to other road users. If the V2X unit in the motor vehicle communicates with another vehicle, then this is Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V) or Car to Car Communication( C2C). If the V2X unit communicates with a roadside or radio beacon, then it is Car to Infrastructure( C2I), Car to Roadside( C2R), or Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication. And when communicating with a pedestrian, it is a Vehicle to Pedestrian( V2P) communication.

In V2X communication, the motor vehicle is informed by other motor vehicles, Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS) or radio beacons about road conditions, congestion, accidents, people on the roadway and possible other impairments. Two standards are used in V2X communications: Dedicated Short Range Communication( DSRC), which is based on a WLAN technology, and Cellular-V2X( C-V2X), which is part of 5th Generation( 5G) mobile communications. All V2X technologies serve the sole purpose of traffic safety, because drivers can prepare for impairments at an early stage, as well as avoiding and bypassing traffic jams.

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