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Inautomotive technology, there are driver assistance systems that support the driver in driving his motor vehicle by providing visual, haptic and acoustic information.

These systems also perform various functions for comfort and in-vehicle infotainment( IVI). Due to the many different functionalities of these systems, a standardization of interfaces, operation and displays is required that is independent of brand and vehicle. To meet these requirements, the Manufacturer Initiative Software(HIS) has developed a transmission protocol for the operation and display of driver assistance systems: The operation and display protocol( BAP).

The layer structure of the operating and display protocol (BAP)

The layer structure of the operating and display protocol (BAP)

The operating and display protocol is structured in layers according to the OSI reference model and covers layers 2 to 7, i.e. the link layer, network layer, transport layer, communication control layer and display layer. The physical layer with the transmission media, which is located below the link layer, is implemented by the LIN bus or CAN bus. The functions of layers 2 to 4 are performed by the BAP Communication Layer( BCL). The BAP Protocol Layer( BPL) fulfills the functions of the communication control layer and the BAP Application Layer( BAL) those of the presentation control layer and the application layer. The presentation layer realizes the function-specific adaptation to the application, which runs on the application layer.

The operating and display protocol has a consistent separation of functions and displays, which is realized via separate function control units and display control units. This separation allows, for example, the same communication devices to be used in different vehicles and the displays to be provided with individual representations.

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