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broadband powerline (PLC) (BPL)

Several consortia working on the subject of Powerline have standardized Broadband Powerline(BPL) with data rates of up to 200 Mbit/s in the frequency range between 1.6 MHz and 32 MHz. To achieve the high data rates, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex( OFDM) with 1,536 subcarriers is used in this range to achieve a maximum spectral efficiency of 8 bits/s/ Hz.

The alliances standardizing broadband powerline include HomePlug, CEPCA, OPERA and the globally operating Universal Powerline Association( UPA). All alliances have already developed standards for broadband powerline.

HomePlug has specified bandwidths of 200 Mbit/s with its AV standard. TheAV2 version is even about data rates of 1 Gbit/s. Wireless access points can be connected via powerline adapters and the power grid using these data rates, which are ideal for uninterrupted live streaming and online gaming. For CEPCA, the data rate is 170 Mbit/s, and Opera has worked out a standard at 200 Mbit/s, with Opera specifications being incorporated into the standardization of the UPA Association.

Powerline adapter for AV2 with 1 Gbit/s, photo:

Powerline adapter for AV2 with 1 Gbit/s, photo:

In addition, the IEEE has also taken up the topic of Broadband Powerline and adopted the IEEE 1901 standard in 2010. At 500 Mbit/s, this standard goes far beyond the 200 Mbit/s standardized by the other alliances.

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