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Live Streaming or Realtime Streaming is a real-time transmission ofa continuous image scene using Realtime Sgtreaming PÖrotocol( RTSP). The technology of streaming audio and streaming video is supported by Audio Video Bridging( AVB).

In streaming media, signals are digitized before transmission, compressed in an encoder, and temporarily stored in a buffer before being transmitted over the Internet as a continuous data stream consisting of a string of individual data packets. On the receiving end, the data packets are processed into a continuous stream of information and can be displayed using a player.

Live streaming of ZDF Sport

Live streaming of ZDF Sport

In live streaming, the live event - current news, web conferences, concerts, sporting events, etc. - is transmitted in quasi-continuous streams. - is stored in quasi-real time on a streaming server with as little delay as possible and retrieved from there or transmitted to thousands of viewers simultaneously via IP multicast. This is in contrast to the time-delayed retrieval of streaming content as supported by on-demand services. Live streaming is an alternative to broadcast transmissions on television. The transmission is minimally time-shifted.

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