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Gaming means playing and stands for any kind of electronic games: Computer games, video games, online games and browser games. These games are executed on the desktop, smartphone, notebook, tablet PC or on a game console by means of interaction. Every action of the player results in a reaction of the game, to which the player must interact.

The range of games is tangential to all human, social sports, strategic, violence, war, knowledge, chance and other concerns. The goal of games can be entertainment, improving strategic and tactical thinking, reaction speed, dexterity, motor skills, knowledge, social empathy, and much more.

Modern gaming is characterized by high- resolution graphics, by 3D representations, 3D effects, full motion video, hi-fi sound, virtual reality and many other technical refinements. VR glasses, VR headsets and super displays allow the user to immerse himself in the gaming world. He can play alone against the machine or against each other with several hundred other players on the network. He can be an avatar and translate his strategy into moves in virtual space with other avatars. Due to high-speed Internet connections, online games are becoming more and more popular, as they are executed with the shortest latency.

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