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µQseven (µQ7)

The µQseven module is a Computer-on-Module(CoM) with an extremely compact form factor of 40 mm x 70 mm, which is suitable for industrial applications due to the diverse input/output (I/O) systems, its serial interfaces and high-speed interfaces. In terms of concept, the µQ7 module is comparable to the SMARC module and the COM Express module.

µQseven modules are about half the size of Qseven modules at 70 mm x 70 mm. They have an extremely compact design, they have a connector strip with 230 contacts, they are equipped with multi-core processors such as Atom processors, ARM processors, Celeron, Cortex processors with clock rates of over one gigahertz.

µQseven module from Congatec

µQseven module from Congatec

As far as interfaces are concerned, the µQseven module has various serial interfaces. There are three independently operating graphics interfaces, such as LVDS and Embedded DisplayPort ( eDP) and HDMI, as well as CSI interfaces for digital cameras and audio interfaces. For high-speed transmissions there is aGigabit Ethernet interfaceArticleID="23401" ArticleURL="Ethernet- interface-Ethernet-interface" ArticleTitle="Ethernet-interface"> Ethernet interface and for storage networks two SATA interfaces. In addition, the µQ7 module has a USB hub that supports up to eight USB interfaces USB 2.0 and two USW 3.0. The µQseven module is extremely power-efficient and works with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling( DVFS). It uses PCI Express as the bus system.

The application areas of µQseven modules are extremely diverse and range from single- board computers to devices in the Internet of Things( IoT), devices for automotive technology, mobile devices, thin clients and edge devices such as edge servers or edge gateways.

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