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USB hub

A USB hub is a multiplier for USB interfaces. Since up to 127 peripherals can be connected to the USB interface, but motherboards often have only a few USB interfaces, the USB hub serves to multiply interfaces.

4-port USB hub, Photo: Lindy-Elektronik GmbH

4-port USB hub, Photo: Lindy-Elektronik GmbH

Typically, USB hubs have two or four USB ports for connecting USB-compatible devices such as mice, scanners, printers or digital cameras.

In addition to multiplying the USB interface, USB hubs are user-friendly because they can be installed in an accessible manner, making them easier to reach than the interfaces on the back of the computer. For example, USB hubs can be installed in the monitor base, and such a USB hub also offers a high degree of flexibility, as the configuration of new peripherals is plug-and-play( PnP). Besides USB hubs for the standard USB interface, there are also mini USB hubs with mini USB plugs.

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