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smart mobility architecture (CoM) (SMARC)

The Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V.(SGET) has standardized SMARC(Smart Mobility Architecture), a Computer on Module( CoM) with a small form factor for extremely compact systems with low power consumption. SMARC board computers can be equipped with Atom processors, Pentium, Celeron or even ARM processors.

SMARC modules are available in the sizes Small (82 x 50 mm) and Large (82 x 80 mm). The 2.0 and 2.1 versions have a contact strip with 314 contacts and numerous graphics interfaces, audio interfaces, camera interfaces, network interfaces, display interfaces and wireless interfaces. As far as the various interfaces are concerned, the interfaces for Gigabit Ethernet should be mentioned, of which SMARC 2.0 has two and the 2.1 version has four. In addition, there are two/four MIPICSI, the Serial Peripheral Interface( SPI) for peripheral devices, twelve/fourteen GPIO, the I2S bus for audio data and sound, the I2C bus for communication between integrated circuits of a system and the serial camera interface, the Camera Serial Interface ( CSI). In addition, six USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 interfaces, one SATA, two LVDS and four PCIe are available as classic interfaces. WLANs are supported and Bluetooth for short ranges.

CoM modules for Qseven, SMARC and COM Express, photo:

CoM modules for Qseven, SMARC and COM Express, photo:

SMARC modules complement the range of high- performance CoM modules and fill the gap between µQseven and COM-Express. They are especially suitable for multimedia, graphic and photographic applications as well as for industrial and IoT applications and are comparable to the COM-Express modules and the µQseven modules.

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