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embedded DisplayPort (eDP)

Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) is the DisplayPort variant for tablets, notebooks and all-in-one PCs. eDP replaces Low Voltage Differential Signaling( LVDS) and supports the display resolutions 4K and 5K by High Bit Rate( HBR) and by compression of the data stream.

The compression is done with Display Stream Compression( DSC). Version 1.4a also supports 8Kdisplay resolutionswith a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Transmission is on four eDP channels at High Bit Rate (HBR).

The different versions of eDP that have been standardized since 2008 relate to the internal connection between the graphics card and the notebook display, the reduction of energy consumption, the refresh rate, the 120 Hz refresh rate, the control protocol for the display, the Panel Self Refresh( PSR) and a higher bit rate.

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