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all IP network (AIPN)

After the breakthrough of HTML-basedWeb and browser techniques, the IP protocol has become the dominant network protocol in the 1990s. In addition to IP-based networking techniques, IP-based services are increasingly coming into focus, as evidenced by IP services, Web services, and service-oriented architectures( SOA).

Characteristic of all-IP networks (AIPN) is that all services such as Internet telephony( VoIP), Internet television( IPTV), online games, file transfer, unified communications, instant messaging( UC), etc. can be accessed by any user at any time in any place.

The development phases of All-IP

The evolution towards All-IP is taking place in several development phases. The first development phase was characterized by globally usable services, the convergence of IP services, IP convergence, and the growth of mobile and value-added services. In this development phase, the Internet opened up to Internet telephony (VoIP).

The second development phase features multimedia services such as streaming and is accompanied by low-cost broadband access. In this phase, mobile voice communication over narrowband networks is replaced by mobile broadband services. This development is characterized by Internet TV, live streaming, streaming video, video-on-demand( VoD), video conferencing and other broadband services. At the same time, WLANs, telephone networks and 3rd generation broadband mobile networks are being incorporated into the all-IP networks. The standardization of the network infrastructure with the integration of the classic telephone networks brings cost advantages for network operators because all infrastructure devices support a single technology - namely the IP protocol. As a result, the variety of devices significantly reduces maintenance costs. Maintenance personnel only need to be trained in one technology.

In the upcoming third development phase, the network infrastructure will be supplemented by All Optical Networks( AON), in which routing and switching are application- and content-controlled.

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