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Content is the informative electronic content of a message, a web page of a blog, post, audio or video, which can be structured, structured content, or unstructured and is not characterized by file formats.

The term content is to be seen as a collective term for all media content, for texts as well as for data, graphics, audio or moving images, which are transported with protocols over networks and used by data processing systems. This applies equally to documents and the content of web pages.

As far as structuring is concerned, content can consist of structured and formatted data from a database, of predefined typesetting and layout data, or of data from text documents. Content can also be unstructured and consist of various text, graphic or image formats whose information is linked in the corresponding document and must be separated for processing. Content is managed in content management by the corresponding content management systems. It is offered by content providers who make it available as an on-demand service in the form of Content-on-Demand( CoD). In addition to the actual information, content also contains metadata that is used for management in the repositories.

A quality characteristic for the content of a website is its uniqueness and distinctiveness. In such a case, one speaks of unique content. Unique content has a higher search engine relevance compared to content that is documented several times on websites. If the unique content also has a high depth of information, this increases the timevisitors spend on the site.

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