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central gateway (automotive) (CGW)

A central gateway ( CGW) is a central communication node in motor vehicles. It forms the central data distributor, which on the one hand supports the various bus systems such as the CANbus, LIN bus or automotive Ethernet, and on the other establishes the communication links to the Internet or to infrastructure components.

All communication connections run via the Central Gateway; those of the bus systems, the assistance systems, the vehicle communication and the infotainment. The Central Gateway is connected to the mobile networks, the infrastructure components and the Internet via the Central Control Unit(CCU). On the vehicle side, the domain controllers are connected to the central gateway, and the various electronic control units (ECUs) are connected to them. Since data is exchanged between the various domains and components via the central gateway, security functions such as a firewall or an intrusion detection system( IDS) must be implemented in the central gateway.

The central gateway has access to the vehicle data and can perform diagnostic functions via the Internet using on- board diagnostics( OBD), thereby detecting defective or heavily stressed components. Software updates for the control units and assistance systems can also be carried out via the Internet without having to visit a workshop.

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