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Security refers to all technical and organizational measures that protect data. This protection is realized at the operators, in systems and computers, during transmission as well as in services and applications. Taking into account the potential threat, security mechanisms are implemented to prevent intrusion into systems, interception of transmission paths, manipulation, sabotage and deletion of data records.

Three protection goals are required for security: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality means that no sensitive data - this could be medical records or bank statements - can be viewed on the Internet. Integrity means that no data can be manipulated or removed by unauthorized persons, and availability means that work devices, computers and the Internet must be available at all times with their computing power.

Personal security protection mechanisms include authorization and authentication by passwords or personal identification numbers(PINs), biometric data or signatures. The system-related security criteria belong to IT security and include technical and organizational measures. These include the installation of dedicated security architectures with NGFW firewalls, security management and key management.

Characteristic of transmission-based security, network security and Internet security, are encryption procedures and data transmission with security protocols. Application-oriented protection measures have industry-specific characteristics, such as business transactions where personal identification numbers, digital signatures, and transaction numbers enhance security.

Security includes all criteria relating to integrity, availability, confidentiality, bindingness, operational security and authenticity.

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