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In general, a threat is a potential danger that is triggered by a vulnerability. It can be an event that causes damage. It can be an attack on a system, on a transmission route or on the information content of a message. It can be espionage or sabotage, or it can be a threat that is unintentional, caused by natural events such as a power outage, or deliberately caused by employees. Threats can come from the technology itself, through operating errors or the use of force.

  1. Ininformation and communications technology, the threat can relate to the availability of systems and resources, or equally to the integrity and confidentiality ofmessages. The potential of threats is immeasurable, as it can apply equally to systems and transmission techniques, to programs and applications. There is the active threat, where information or system status is changed, or the passive threat, where the focus is on spying out information.
  2. Threat analysis is used to identify, analyze and document all possible threat scenarios to a communication or information system. It assesses the likelihood of an attack and the potential damage caused by attackers. Threat analysis is part of risk analysis and risk management.
  3. In project management( PM), a threat is a hazard that has a negative impact on project objectives. Unlike risks, which can be triggered from within, threats are external hazards. In fact, threats can come from the project team. For example, because some employees do not have the required qualifications or motivation.
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