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network security

Network security is a symbiosis of policies and regulations, products and services. It affects all levels of the company, from the user to the administrator to the company management, and protects the network infrastructure and connected devices from threats such as data theft, data manipulation and data misuse.

Network security is a catalog of measures in the form of a security policy that must ensure that access authorization, identification and authentication are managed, that any attack, unauthorized access, sabotage, manipulation, misuse and interference with data assets and resources is prevented or immediately detected, and that the introduction of viruses, worms or Trojans, DoS attacks or IP spoofing is not possible. Technical solutions can be implemented on the basis of such a catalog of measures.

Comprehensive network security includes various functions to prevent attacks. These include firewalls, IPS systems, UTM appliances, network access control, the services of a cloud access security broker( CASB), the prevention of DDoS attacks, the detection of anomalies using network behavior anomaly detection( NBAD) and SD-WAN security.

Network-wide security concepts include Network Access Control( NAC) from Cisco and other companies, Network Access Protection( NAP) from Microsoft, and Trusted Network Connect ( TNC) from the Trusting Computing Group.

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