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IT security

IT security is concerned with all technical measures to reduce the risk potential for IT applications andsystems. All protective measures related to the risk potential, such as the development of security concepts, the assignment of access authorizations and the implementation of security standards, are aspects of IT security. IT security is the technical implementation of security concepts under economic aspects.

IT security encompasses all facilities, systems and people that are at risk and therefore require protection. This includes, among other things, buildings, networks, hardware and software as well as those working on the systems. The goal of IT security is to ensure the availability of systems and data, to ensure confidentiality so that neither unauthorized persons can access files nor files remain confidential during transmission, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of data. Important components for IT security are firewalls, proxy servers and virus scanners.

Security concept

Security concept

There are several international, national and European standards for physical IT security. For example, the topic is standardized in ISO 27001, DIN 4102 deals with fire compartments and the EN 1047 standard specifies load limits for data and systems. In addition, there are security guidelines and security agreements as well as grades for burglary protection with the description of the masonry.

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