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hardware (HW)

Hardware is the generic term for all mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemblies and equipment of a computer or a system. DIN 44.300 defines hardware as "the entirety or part of the apparative equipment of computer systems".

Computer hardware includes all computer and system parts such as the various housing variants, the motherboard with the internal system components, the external peripheral devices, the plug-in components, modules, processors and chips, the plug-in and connection devices for the plug-in cards and the connections of the supply, interface and data lines and the electrical and electronic components for the supply.

Hardware components of a computer system

Hardware components of a computer system

Chassis, subracks and racks belong to the first-mentioned group of housing variants. So are the various computer designs such as desktops and mobile computers such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Internal system components and external peripherals include drives, hard drives and solid-state drives, connected peripherals such as monitors, printers, scanners, mice, keyboards, touch pads, speakers, digital cameras, microphones and various other peripherals. And active and passive components include heat sinks, central processing units, RAMs and ROMs, graphics processors, plug-in cards, modules, digital devices, logics, memory devices, microprocessors, AD converters, power supply units, and active and passive electronic components. Furthermore, the connection components should be mentioned with the most diverse supply and data cables and, last but not least, the power supply unit or the supply and cooling devices.

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