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The term "domain" is used in different contexts. In network configuration for network areas with their own user rights, in network management for management objects, in SNA architecture for nodes, in internetworking for a logical unit and in the internet for a group of computers belonging together.

  1. Network domains are individual network areas that are clearly separated from each other and each supports enterprise-specific functional areas. Individual network domains can be assigned special security rules and user rights. Their network addresses enable them to be clearly distinguished, addressed and administered.
  2. In network management, the term domain is used for a set of manager and management objects that are grouped together for specific management tasks. The grouping criteria depend on the particular objective, for example, an organizational structure or a geographical division. In turn, a domain is a management object and can be a component of another domain.
  3. In IBM networks, it is the name for the part of the SNA architecture that consists of central processing units, DFV control units and data stations. The network and sessions are controlled and managed by the DFV access methods Virtual Telecommunications Access Method(VTAM) or Telecommunications Access Method( TCAM), among others. Processors in a node whose function and control are outside the domain of the network manager are not part of the network.
  4. In the Internet or other computer networks, a domain is a group of related computers that can be reached via a special address. The address structure of such a group can be recognized, for example, in the tree-structured name hierarchy on the Internet, where the domain represents a coherent subdomain of the Domain NameSystem( DNS). In terms of syntax, such a domain name consists of a sequence of names separated by dots, for example Such a domain name is read from the back and begins with the top level domain( TLD) "info", followed by the second level domain( SLD) "itwissen" and the third level domain.
  5. In Internetworking under the Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol( IS-IS), a domain is a logical unit of networks.
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