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Miracast is an open standard for screencasts from the WiFi Alliance. The standard defines a wireless transmission between a source device and a display and the processing of the content. It is about peer-to-peer connections where the screen content of a computer or smartphone can be displayed on a TV, projector or mobile device.

Miracast is an alternative to AirPlay and Wireless Display( WiDi) and works with IEEE 802.11n radio frequencies and bandwidths. It also uses WiFi Multimedia( WMM) video acceleration and WiFi Protected Architecture (WPA2) security with automatic key exchange. Devices are connected via WiFi Direct and screen content is encoded in H.264/ MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding( AVC). Audio is transmitted uncompressed in stereo, Advanced Audio Coding( AAC) and surround sound in AC-3 audio compression.

From laptop or smartphone to TV with Miracast

From laptop or smartphone to TV with Miracast

With Miracast, videos can be transmitted in Full HD with 1,080p and surround sound. To do this, the devices involved, which can be from different manufacturers, must each be Miracast-enabled.

Miracast is supported by the operating systems Windows from version 8.1 and Android from 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Since version 3.5, the WiDi drivers, Wireless Display (WiDi), from Intel also enable the transfer of content to Miracast receivers. Authoritative chip manufacturers also support Miracast in their products. However, the Miracast designation is only reserved for devices whose functionality has beentested by the WiFi Alliance.

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