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ink cartridge

Printer cartridges exist in inkjet printers. They are the containers in which the printer ink is located. Since printers work with subtractive color mixing according to the CMY color model or the CMYK color model, they need the primary colorscyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y) for color printing.

Black is printed as depth (K) and can be in a separate printer cartridge, since black is also used for text printing.

Each color is housed in its own chamber and, in the case of inkjet prin ters, is sprayed onto the media in a dot-like manner via the tiny print nozzles in the print head. The three chambers for the colors cyan, magenta and yellow can be separate, but also combined; the sensitive electronics for the print head can also be located in the printer cartridge. The chambers are connected by passages with inlet and outlet holes, which provide pressure equalization and overpressure during printing.

Printer cartridges from Epson, photo:

Printer cartridges from Epson, photo:

To prevent printer cartridges with print head electronics from being thrown away when the printer cartridges are empty, it is possible to refill empty ink chambers with printer ink.

Each manufacturer has its own printer cartridges, which differ in shape and size. However, it must be indicated how much printer ink in milliliters the ink chamber holds. The fill level of the printer cartridge is recorded by a chip located in the printer cartridge.

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