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  1. A cartridge is a non-openable protective cassette for magnetic and optical data media. In tape drives, cartridges are used as magnetic tape cartridges where they protect the magnetic tape. In addition, the term cartridge is also used for compact discs( CD) and DVDs. A cartridge serves as a surface protector for the media and is equipped with mechanical components that do not allow access to the media until the cartridge is inserted into a drive. It also supports the tape guide and running mechanics of the magnetic tapes. The storage capacities of magnetic tape cartridges have increased dramatically since the 1990s, due to increasing storage density.
    Printer cartridges, photo:

    Printer cartridges, photo:

    While storage capacity values were still a few hundred gigabytes( GB) at the end of the 1990s, there were already developments with 8 terabytes( TB) in 2006. In 2010, storage capacity had already reached 35 terabytes, which could be increased to 220 TB by 2015.
  2. Cartridges are also used as printer cart ridges for toner and ink supplies in printers. They are then referred to as toner cartridges. Toner cartridges can contain the powdered printing ink consisting of toner pigments, but likewise contain the printer inks for inkjet printers.
    Printer cartridges from Epson, photo:

    Printer cartridges from Epson, photo:

  3. The term cartridge also occurs in the generation of program codes. In this context, cartridges are central components of code generation and consist of Java archives( JAR) with templates, metafacades and descriptors. Cartridges allow the processing of model elements, which are marked with stereotypes or whose dependence results from certain conditions.
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