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call deflection (ETSI) (CD)

Call forwarding (AWS) is a feature ofdigital networks such as ISDN, GSM or intelligent networks( IN). Calls to one subscriber are forwarded to another number. Call forwarding can take place in the subscriber's own network, but also to other networks; i.e., to ISDN lines or to analog telephone lines or also to radio telephone lines in the C-network, D-network and E-network mobile communications networks.

Call forwarding can be performed under various conditions: Call forwarding can be performed directly as Call Forwarding Unconditional( CFU), with a time delay, as Call Forwarding if Busy( CFB) in the event of a busy state, or as Call Forwarding no Reply( CFNR) in the event of no reply. In the first case, each call is immediately forwarded to the destination port. In the case of delayed forwarding, the switchover occurs when the call has not been answered after a certain period of time or after a certain number of call signalings.

In the case of call forwarding, the caller pays the connection charges up to the called party; the charges for the second, forwarding connection segment are borne by the called party. Only one forwarding is possible per connection.

The connection charges for forwarded calls shall be borne by the calling party up to the originally dialed subscriber line. The charges for forwarding from the subscriber line to the destination line shall be borne by the called party.

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