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iTunes is a program from Apple for the Macintosh and personal computers with which you can manage and play music and videos. With iTunes, audio files can be played, organized, sorted, stored, burned and streamed. Inconjunction with a music library, music tracks can be tagged with meta information, making them faster to access. The music library itself is stored in Extensible Markup Language(XML).

iTunes is a free media player that runs on Apple Mac OS X and Windows XP operating systems. In its various versions it has been equipped with a wide variety of features, such as the ability to read and manage RSS feeds, podcasting and vodcasting and their management, as well as support for QuickTime, on which it is based, and real-time search.

iTunes interface with music library

iTunes interface with music library

The iTunes player is used to support the iPod and the iPhone, as well as a video and music player in cell phones. In terms of audio file formats, iTunes handles uncompressed file formats such as Apple's own Audio Interchange File Format( AIFF) or compressed file formats such as MP3 and Advanced Audio Coding( AAC).

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