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The Apple Macintosh is a computer series from Apple. The first Macintosh was introduced on January 24, 1984 in San Francisco. It had a compact case with a mouse and graphical user interface. It had 128 KB ofRAM and one of the first 3.5- inch floppy disk drives available in the United States. The original all-in-one design has been retained to this day, and has been supplemented by models with a different form factor.

The Macintosh is offered as a desktop, notebook and for installation in 19-inch data cabinets. The Macintosh series has been running Apple's Unix-basedoperating systemMac OS X since March 2001. Through software such as Parallels or Boot Camp, the Macintosh also handles the Windows operating system and its application software. The first models of the Macintosh worked with the 68000chip from Motorola, followed by the PowerPC( PPC) from IBM. Since 2006, all models of the Apple Macintosh have been offered with processors from Intel.

Interoperability with other operating systems

Apple paid attention to interoperability with other operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows. Leading software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe offer their programs in versions for both the Macintosh and Windows, allowing files to be opened or backed up on the other platform without an intermediate step. Since the Apple Macintosh has common interfaces such as the USB port, peripherals can be connected to either a Macintosh or a Windows PC.

MacPro from Apple

MacPro from Apple

The Macintosh also supports authoritative file formats such as JPEG, Tagged Image File Format( TIFF) or MP3 for photos and music, as well as protocols for e-mail or the Internet. Currently, all new Macintosh models have WLAN functionality, which automatically displays available WLANs.

The desktop models and mobile devices

The Mac Mini is the entry- level model into the Macintosh system world. It comes with only the case (16.5 x 16.5 x 5.08 cm) with processor, hard disk and DVD drive. Keyboard, computer mouse and monitors from other manufacturers can be connected via the USB and FireWire interfaces.

The iMac is an all-in-one computer in an aluminum case with wireless mouse and keyboard. The MacPro was developed as a workstation for professional users. A removable side panel makes it easy to add storage media or expansion cards.

The MacBook is a notebook, it offers features like backlit keyboard and a comfortable trackpad. The MacBook Pro has an aluminum case. Its monitor and graphics processors are also suitable for graphics-intensive programs.

Mac mini from Apple

Mac mini from Apple

The particularly flat MacBook Air is made from only one piece of aluminum. For space reasons, the notebook has SSD storage and no built-in DVD drive.

The Macintosh as a server

The Mac mini is also offered in a server variant. Instead of a SuperDrive, it contains two hard drives and the pre-installed server version of Mac OS X. Apple's Xserve is offered as a server for installation in a 19-inch data cabinet.

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