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Like vlogging, vodcasting and vodcast are also words of art that originated from video and podcasting. It is the online delivery ofvideos downloaded from the Internet. The term vodcasting has come to refer to this technique, which is a direct reference to audio-based podcasting.

In vodcasting, which has a functional relation to video-on-demand( VoD), the user determines when to vodcast which video, whether to archive it, and when to watch it. From the supply side, this interesting market is increasingly occupied by the established TV broadcasters. The end device side has already adapted to playing videos with personalcomputers, the iPod, iPhone and iTunes, TV cell phones and PDAs.

The principle of vodcasting

The principle of vodcasting

Technically, vodcasting is similar to podcasting with the difference that RSS feeds and Atom feeds are used to access video files. Each vodcast has an RSS feed that contains an overview of the video. Depending on who the vodcasts are offered by, they are free or paid and can be subscribed to just like the vodcast services.

In vodcasting, the vlogger creates a digital video and from it a video file in video editing. The video file, compressed using DivX, MPEG-4 or H.264 compression, is placed on the web server, as is the compressed audio signal, compressed using Advanced Audio Coding( AAC), for example. The title of the video and a short summary are described in conjunction with the Internet address( URL) in an RSS feed or Atom feed. The RSS feed is distributed on the corresponding web pages and can be read and processed by feed readers such as iTunes. I.e. the feed reader receives the text-based RSS info and opens the link to the download page on the web server via the URL contained therein. A vlogger interested in vodcasting can use the URL link to vodcast, download the video to his personal computer, save it, view it offline, archive it, and transfer it to portable media players( PMP).

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