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A computer game is a software program that runs on a personal computer or game console and is controlled through interactions. A computer game can be played simultaneously by one, by several, or by many players. Players track the actions of the game software, the reactions of fellow players, and their own interactions on the screen. Games follow specific rules by which to play and interact.

The term computer game is sometimes used interchangeably with e-game or video game. Whereas the term video game is the generic term and the difference between a computer game and a video game is also that the game console of a video game can use the television as a display.

Computer games can be played offline on individual personal computers, on notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Games with multiple players can be run as online games over local networks, over the Internet, and as social games over social networks as well. If many players are involved in an online game, i.e. several thousand, then it is referred to as a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG).

Computer games are classified into action games, strategy games, adventure games, sports games, role-playing games and educational games. Some computer game magazines know over 40 game classifications. As for the different game genres, action games are about a kind of obstacle course over various obstacles where the player is exposed to certain dangers. The goal is to overcome the obstacles with the least possible damage in the fastest possible time. Instrategy games, the strategic and tactical skills of the player are promoted. As in chess or Monopoly, the objective is to gain strategic and monetary advantages over the opponent(s). Sports games are intended to promote the limited movement possibilities of young people or older people. Equipped with appropriate equipment, many sports can be simulated, such as tennis, golf, bowling, soccer and many others.

The technology for computer games is on a high technical level. It works with artificial intelligence( AI), artificial personality( AP), virtual reality( VR), mixed reality ( MR), learning programs and various other technical procedures. The optimal presentation of virtual game scenes is done with VR headsets.

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