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game console

Game consoles are processor-controlled functional units whose hardware and software are optimized for computer games. They can be stand-alone units with or without a display. Game consoles without their own display can use a personal computer or television as a display.

The hardware of a game console with the graphics processor and all other components support the fast changing graphic displays as well as 3D graphics. The computing power of the graphics processor is extremely high and optimized for computer games. To make the computer games appear as realistic as possible, game consoles work with virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The delay time and response time behavior are extremely short and adapted to the game rules.

Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation

The functionality of game consoles is exclusively focused on computer games. Therefore, there are only functional elements and peripherals used to control game activities and to read and update game software. Additional functional elements would reduce game performance and unnecessarily increase development costs. Consoles are designed to be used for music and video playback and online services as well. Some therefore have players for DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

Since game consoles use a fixed platform that represents the state of the art in development technology, the performance of a game console depends on how up-to-date the version is.

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