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JupiterMesh is a Neighborhood Area Network(NAN) for smart grid communication standardized by the ZigBee Alliance in June 2016. JupiterMesh is a wireless mesh network for the Internet of Things( IoT). It is a low- power network with flexible data rate that can be used by city governments to control and manage public utilities such as those of smart grids, gas and water networks, and smart cities.

JupiterMesh's technical design is based on the open standards of the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF) and those of IEEE, and uses advanced technologies such as the IPv6 protocol, frequency hopping, multi-band operation, authentication, encryption and key management.

The specifications cover OSI layers 1 through 4 according to IEEE 802.15.4, specifically IEEE 802.15.4e and IEEE 802.15.4g. This includes the extended functionalities for Media Access Control( MAC) and the Physical Layer( PHY) including the CSMA method or Time Slotted Channel Hopping( TSCH). In terms of networking, routing and transport protocols, IPv6, 6LoWPAN, the UDP and TCP protocols, the Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks( RPL), the CoAP protocol and others are used for machine-to-machine( M2M) communication over a mesh network.

Radio frequencies in the ISM bands in the sub- gigahertz range and at 2.4 GHz are used for wireless transmission.

The ZigBee Alliance was renamed the Connectivity Standards Alliance( CSA) in summer 2021.

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