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mobile device management (MDM)

The Bring your own Device(ByoD) IT strategy, which has emerged from the consumerization trend, saves companies from having to make costly investments in modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, but on the other hand it presents companies with IT security problems because users use their own devices for both private and business purposes and, in the case of Bring your own Apps( ByoA), some of the apps installed are also security-sensitive.

To ensure the security of corporate data, precautions must be taken to prevent the installation of snooping apps. This is because these could tap into company, personal and location-related data. It must also be ensured that the apps cannot look into calendar entries or analyze certain behaviors. These tasks are performed by Mobile App Management( MAM).

Since the user owns the mobile device in the ByoD concept, companies must manage the mobile devices centrally, through their own administrators. This is what mobile device management( MDM), a component of enterprise mobility management( EMM), is for. MDM management is a management concept for the administration of mobile devices, smartphones, Blackberrys, PDAs, notebooks and tablet PCs. In addition to the hardware, the network interfaces are also included in mobile device management. As a result, device owners are no longer free to decide which app or application program to install. These measures are imperative because many apps tap into data. With mobile device management, the enterprise retains control of corporate data, which it protects by managing and controlling ByoD devices and distributing access and authentication mechanisms.

Functionally, mobile device management captures new smartphones and tablets in the asset management of MDM systems. They are given access to corporate data and are linked to policies. Based on the policies, the MDM clients can implement the security policies. These provide for restrictions in the event of violations. For example, access to corporate data can be prevented or, in the case of defective or lost end devices, a remote lockout can be triggered and relevant content on the devices deleted.

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