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asset management

Asset management is asset administration. In general, it is understood to mean the management and investment planning of real estate, share portfolios and other capital-relevant assets.

In relation to information technology, asset management involves the inventory of software, EDP equipment and computerequipment. The individual IT devices are assigned to corresponding cost centers, their depreciation is updated and the expenses for maintenance and repair are recorded. This recorded data serves to ensure cost transparency and planning reliability. The provision of data for asset management is supported by various standardized programs, such as SMBIOS or Definition of Management Information( DMI), which provide detailed information about the system hardware. Additional information is provided by operating systems.

Asset management also includes monitoring and use of enterprise-owned devices. For example, geofencing can be used to determine whether a device has left the enterprise or geotracking can be used to determine where it is. As soon as the device exceeds the defined limit coordinates, an alarm can be triggered and asset management informed.

Asset management specific to information technology can be found in IT Asset Management( ITAM).

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