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enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) encompasses the company's own management of mobile devices, mobile networks and WLANs and their services, so that mobile computing in the business area can be made available to a wide range of users. This strategic approach is seeing rapidly increasing numbers of users bringing their own mobile devices - smartphones, tablet PCs or notebooks - into the work process. The corresponding corporate strategy is called Bring your own Device( ByoD).

The security aspects of enterprise mobility management

Enterprise Mobility Management is about the security management of mobile devices, Mobile Device Management( MDM), the objective of which is IT security compromised by the ByoD strategy. It is about protecting the enterprise data that might be compromised by snooping apps. Another technology is the management and access to application programs, apps, which are managed and monitored by Mobile Application Management( MAM). And the third enterprise mobility management technology is mobile information management( MIM).

In order to eliminate risks as much as possible, guidelines for the deployment of the devices and their use should be drawn up before external employee devices are deployed, and employees must follow these guidelines. Administrators must have the ability to remotely access and disable employee devices. This may be necessary if devices are lost or the employee leaves the company.

Access authorization and data security

An EMM system must protect the user's privacy, but on the other hand, it must also protect application programs and corporate data, which often reside in clouds and can be accessed by many employees. It should increase individual productivity by allowing employees to access work data securely and quickly.

In order to rule out misuse of company data and application programs, access to work data and application programs must be regulated by appropriate policies depending on one's area of responsibility. The same applies to the handling of sensitive and confidential data. Proposed solutions include single sign-on( SSO) for access and sandbox for data separation.

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