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mobile app management (MAM)

Mobile App Management (MAM) is about provisioning and managing enterprise and application software running on personal mobile devices as part of "Bring your own Device"( ByoD). Mobile application management (MAM) is part of enterprise mobility management( EMM).

In the ByoD concept, Mobile Device Management( MDM) plays an essential role in IT security, but so do the programs used. These are the corporate programs provided by the company and, above all, the privately used application programs and apps installed.

Mobile device management differs from mobile app management (MAM) in that MAM management requires a higher level of control because it involves the management of mobile software, its deployment, licensing, configuration, usage restriction, updating and consideration of application lifecycle management( ALM).

With mobile app management, the administrator has software that accomplishes these tasks and gives him the ability to remove unsafe apps and programs from the ByoD user's smartphone or tablet.

Conceptually, MAM software includes the areas of usage, software management and analysis. Usage is about procurement and deployment, configuration and authentication, and enterprise programs and updates. As for software management, this focuses on performance, quality, security and error frequency. And analysis is about usage capabilities, revenue, and future developments and trends.

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