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Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is electronic commerce, e-commerce, via mobile devices and thus an aspect of mobile business. M-Commerce uses modern information, communication and mobile technologies to refine value chains, improve business processes and relationships with business partners, Electronic Customer Relationship Management( E-CRM) from mobile devices.

M-Commerce is about transactions and trade of goods, services and information and mobile payment(M-Payment), billing and payment, through mobile devices, via cell phones, netbooks, smartphones and other mobile devices. M-commerce also includes ownership and usage rights transactions.

The prerequisite for using mobile commerce is secure, high- performance radio and mobile communications networks. This can be a WLAN connected to the Internet, Bluetooth or Mobile-WiMAX, or broadband mobile communications networks such as General Packet Radio Service( GPRS), Enhanced Data Service for GSM Evolution( EDGE), UMTS and High Speed Packet Access( HSPA). Corresponding transport protocols guarantee secure transactions. This is where the modern security mechanisms with authorization, authentication, integrity and confidentiality protection come in, protecting the specific points of attack of mobile commerce. Be it through access authorizations, secure operating systems, encryption or security protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure( HTTPS).

Mobile banking via WAP

Mobile banking via WAP

With mobile commerce, the cell phone can be used as a transaction medium for booking and paying in stores and at vending machines. The possibilities of m-commerce can refer to location-based, personalized services offered as location-based services( LBS), or to business activities generated via cell phone advertising, m-advertising. Business activities can even be initiated and realized via short message service( SMS).

Unlike any other commerce concept, m-commerce can be used independently of location and for time-critical transactions, as users can incorporate other time-critical information such as stock market data, reservations, weather forecasts and traffic reports into their decision-making process.

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